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  • Unconspicous freshwater algae with some celebrities
  • Metacentric spindles: centrioles not at nuclear poles but at the side of the spindle
  • Appearance from unflagellated, coccoid cells to filaments and bladelike thalli
  • Chlorella: 2-12 µm, coccoid cells; known as phycobiont (endosymbiont) in freshwater animals; used as model by Melvin Calvin to investigate carbon fixation in plants (Calvin cycle); recent research in Chlorella phytoviruses
  • Prototheca: colorless soil algae, plastids can be stained by iodine; pathogene of animals and humans
  • Trebouxia is the major chlorophyte symbiont in lichens
  • Stichococcus: 2-3 µm rod-shaped cells, lichen symbiont
  • Golenkinia: Chlorella-like cells with long spines; asexual reproduction by 2-8 autospores, sexual reproduction by oogamy
  • Prasiola: single-layered blades, 1.5 cm, attached to rocks, predominantly in Antarctica