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Marine Biology and Oceanography
Introduction for Majors 
in Biology and Marine Biology

FIU course no. OCB 3043

Frank J. Jochem
Assistant Professor, Plankton Biology

last updated: January 16, 2007
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General Course Information

OCB3043 - Marine Biolology and Oceanographgy - Section 51 - Credits: 3

OCB3043 "Marine Biology and Oceanography" is a 3 credit course intended to introduce majors in Biology and majors in Marine Biology to the principles of the biology of organisms in the marine environment with special emphasis on the zonation of marine live, on regional, vertical and temporal scales, as adaptation to the physical and chemical environment in the oceans. For more information on specific topics, see the class schedule.

Time and Location: Tuesday and Thursday, 9.30 - 10:45 a.m. Class room: MS (Marine Sciences) 150

Textbook: Carol M Lalli & Timothy Parsons // Biological Oceanography: An Introduction, 2nd edition // Butterworth-Heinemann Publishers // (c) 1997 // ISBN 0750633840 // Price: paperback $49.95
Additional material will be presented during the class that might require taking notes. Most important additional materials will be distributed online. Complementary material not included in the textbook but discussed during the classes or provided online might be subject of examinations. Attending the classes regularly will provide substantial advantage towards examinations.

Contact: Office: AC-1 Room 379; Phone: (305) 919 5882; e-mail:
Office hours: Wednesdays, 10:30 to 12:00 a.m. or by appointment (use preferably e-mail). Office hours are intended solely for discussion of academic issues.

Significance of Course: This course is required for students that intend to follow a B.S. degree in Marine Biology.

Prerequisites for participation in this course are successful completion of courses BSC1010 "General Biology I" and BSC1011 "General Biology II" or equivalent.

Expectations: Regular class attendance is expected. Online lecture notes are posted to facilitate learning in addition to the textbook. Information in the online lecture notes that are not in the textbook might still be part of examinations. All students are required to maintain an active e-mail account. All announcements concerning this course will be made by e-mail and on the NEWS web page (see menu above). Students are responsible to check the NEWS web page regularly and to check their e-mail. Only FIU email addresses will be used for communication. Students who do not use their FIU email regularly are urged to follow the simple guidelines for automatic email forwarding from their FIU account to their private email address. Information will not be re-mailed if FIU email accounts refuse acceptance of emails due to "over quota".