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Sampling of Benthos

The simple bottom grab sampler

The box corer

The simple piston corer

The multicorer, automatic sampling of multiple piston corers

The bottom dredge for epifauna

Measuring Benthic Primary Production

  • Microalgae: small core incubations measuring oxygen production or CO2 decrease; deduct production from chlorophyll a extracted from sediment using P vs I curves
  • Macroalgae: sampling and weighing in time intervals; punch-hole method the hole will move away from the growth region of the thallus, growth can be expressed as distance / time;
  • Benthic incubation chambers: large light and dark plexiglas bells are put over seaweed; oxygen probes within the chambers measure production/consumption of O2 over time; chambers can vary in size according to size of studied seaweed.