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Goleski J.A., F. Koch, C.C. Wall, M.A. Marcoval-Pan, F.J. Jochem, B.J. Peterson & C.J. Gobler (2010) The role of zooplankton grazing and nutrient loading in the occurrence of harmful cyanobacterial blooms in Florida Bay, USA. Estuaries and Coasts 33: 1202-1215.
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McCarthy M.J., W.S. Gardner, P.J. Lavrentyev, F.J. Jochem & C.J. Williams (2009) Water column nitrogen cycling and microbial plankton in Florida Bay. Contributions in Marine Science 38: 49-62.
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Williams C.J., R. Jaffé, W.T. Anderson & F.J. Jochem (2009) Importance of seagrass as a carbon source for heterotrophic bacteria in a subtropical estuary (Florida Bay). Estuaries, Coastal and Shelf Science 85: 507-514.
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Williams C.J., J.N. Boyer & F.J. Jochem (2009) Microbial activity and carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus content in a subtropical seagrass estuary (Florida Bay): Evidence for limited bacterial use of seagrass production. Marine Biology 156: 341-353.
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Williams C.J., P.J. Lavrentyev & F.J. Jochem (2008) Bottom-up and top-down control of heterotrophic bacterioplankton growth in a phosphorus-deplete subtropical estuary (Florida Bay). Marine Ecology Progress Series 372: 7-18.
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Gobler C.J., T.W. Davis, S.N. Deonarine, M.A. Saxton, P.J. Lavrentyev, F.J. Jochem & S.W. Wilhelm (2008) Grazing and virus-induced mortality of microbial populations before and during the onset of annual hypoxia in Lake Erie. Aquatic Microbial Ecology 51: 117-128.
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Williams C.J., J.N. Boyer & F.J. Jochem (2008) Indirect hurricane effects on resource availability and microbial communities in a subtropical westland-estuary transition zone. Estuaries and Coasts 31: 204-214.
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McCarthy M.J., W.S. Gardner, P.J. Lavrentyev, K.M. Moats, F.J. Jochem & D.M. Klarer (2007) Effects of hydrological flow regime on sediment-water interface and water column nitrogen dynamics in a Great Lakes coastal wetland (Old Woman Creek, Lake Erie). Journal of Great Lakes Research 33: 219-231.
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First M.R., P.J. Lavrentyev & F.J. Jochem (2007) Patterns of microzooplankton growth in dilution experiments across a trophic gradient: Implications for herbivory studies. Marine Biology 151: 1929-1940.
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DeYoe H.R., E.J. Buskey & F.J. Jochem (2007) Physiological responses of Aureoumbra laguniensis and Synechococcus sp. to nitrogen addition in a mesocosm experiment. Harmful Algae 6: 48-55
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Peterson B.J., F.J. Jochem & J.W. Fourqurean (2006) Potential role of sponge communities controlling phytoplankton blooms in Florida Bay. Marine Ecology Progress Series 328: 93-103
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Evans S.L., W.T. Anderson & F.J. Jochem (2006) Spatial variability in Florida Bay particulate organic matter composition: combining flow cytometry with stable isotope analyses. Hydrobiologia 569: 151-165
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Williams C.J. & F.J. Jochem (2006) Ectoenzyme kinetics in Florida Bay: Implications for bacterial carbon source and nutrient status. Hydrobiologia 569: 113-127
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Zamora I.M., P.R. Gardinali & F.J. Jochem (2006) Assessing the effects of Irgarol 1051 on marine phytoplankton populations in Key Largo Harbor, Florida. Marine Pollution Bulletin 52: 935-941
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Jochem F.J. (2005) Short-term physiological effects of mechanical flow sorting and the Becton-Dickinson Cell Concentrator in cultures of the marine phytoflagellata Emiliania huxleyi and Micromonas pusilla. Cytometry 65A: 77-83
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Lin S., M.R. Mulholland, H. Zhang, T.N. Feinstein, F.J. Jochem & E.J. Carpenter (2004) Intense grazing and prey-dependent growth of Pfiesteria piscicida (Dinophyceae). Journal of Phycology 40: 1062-1073
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Lavrentyev P.J., M.J. McCarthy, D.M. Klarer, F.J. Jochem & W.S. Gardner (2004) Estuarine microbial food web patterns in a Lake Erie coastal wetland. Microbial Ecology 48: 567-577.
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Jochem, F.J., P.J. Lavrentyev & M.R. First (2004) Growth and grazing rates of bacteria groups with different apparent DNA content in the Gulf of Mexico. Marine Biology 145: 1213-1225.
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Jochem F.J., M.J. McCarthy & W.S. Gardner (2004) Microbial ammonium cycling in the Mississippi River plume during the drought spring of 2000. Journal of Plankton Research 26: 1265-1275.
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Jochem F.J. (2003) Photo- and heterotrophic pico- and nanoplankton in the Mississippi River plume: distribution and grazing activity. Journal of Plankton Research 25: 1201-1214.
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Buskey, E.J., H.R. DeYoe, F.J. Jochem & T.A. Villareal (2003) Effects of mesozooplankton removal and ammonium addition on planktonic trophic structure during a bloom of the Texas "brown tide": a mesocosm study. Journal of Plankton Research 25: 215-228
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Jochem, F.J. (2001) Morphology and DNA content of bacterioplankton in the northern Gulf of Mexico: analysis by epifluorescence microscopy and flow cytometry. Aquatic Microbial Ecology 25: 179-194.
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Jochem, F.J. (2000) Probing the physiological state of phytoplankton at the single-cell level. Scientia Marina (Barcelona) 64(2): 183-195.
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Jochem, F.J., G.J. Smith, Y. Gao, R.C. Zimmerman, A. Cabello-Pasini, D.G. Kohrs & R.S. Alberte (2000) Cytometric quantification of nitrate reductase by immunolabelling in the marine diatom Skeletonema costatum. Cytometry 39: 173-178.
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DeYoe, H., Buskey, E., Jochem, F., Villareal, T. (2000) Effect of nitrogen addition on a mixed species phytoplankton bloom. Journal of Phycology 36(S3): 17-18.
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Jochem, F.J. (1999) Dark survival strategies of marine phytoplankton assessed by cytometric measurement of metabolic activity with fluorescein diacetate. Marine Biology 135: 721-728.
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Giesenhagen, H.C., A.E. Detmer, J. de Wall, A. Weber, R.R. Gradinger & F.J. Jochem. (1999) How are planktonic microbial food webs and algal blooms affected by melting Antarctic sea ice? - Microcosm simulations. Aquatic Microbial Ecology 20: 183-201.
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Jochem, F.J. & D. Meyerdierks (1999): Simultaneous cytometric measurement of DNA cell cycle and cellular chlorophyll in marine eukaryotic phytoplankton. Marine Ecology Progress Series 185: 301-307.
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Jochem, F.J., S. Mathot & B. Quéguiner (1995) Size-fractionated primary production in the Southern Ocean in early austral spring. Polar Biology 15: 381-392.

Jochem, F.J. (1995) Phototrophic picoplankton community structure in three different pelagic regimes in the Arabian Sea. Marine Ecology Progress Series 117: 307-314.
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Detmer, A.E., V. Trenkel, H.C. Giesenhagen, H. Auf dem Venne & F.J. Jochem (1993) Phototrophic and heterotrophic pico- and nanoplankton in anoxic waters of the Central Baltic Sea. Marine Ecology Progress Series 99: 197-203.
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Jochem, F.J., Pollehne, F. & B. Zeitzschel (1993) Productivity regime and phytoplankton size structure in the Arabian Sea. Deep-Sea Research 40: 711-735.

Jochem, F.J. & B. Zeitzschel (1993) Productivity regime and phytoplankton size structure in the tropical and subtropical North Atlantic. Deep-Sea Research 40: 495-519.

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Jochem, F. (1990): Zur Struktur und Dynamik autotropher Ultraplankton-Gemeinschaften in marinen Warmwasser-Ökosystemen. [On the structure and dynamics of autotrophic ultraplankton communities in marine warm-water ecosystems]. Berichte Institut für Meereskunde Kiel 195. 220 pp. (Ph.D. thesis).

Jochem, F. (1990) Distribution and importance of autotrophic picoplankton in the Western Baltic and its potential as a food source. British Phycological Journal 25: 90-91.

Horstmann, U. & F. Jochem (1990) Report of the activities and first results of the investigation on the Chrysochromulina bloom in the FRG. in: Lancelot, C., Billen, G. & H. Barth [eds.]: Eutrophication and algal blooms in North Sea coastal zones, the Baltic and adjacent areas: prediction and assessment of preventive actions. Water Pollution Research Reports 12. Commission of the European Communities, Brussels. 75 - 92.

Jochem, F. & B. Babenerd (1989) Naked Dictyocha speculum - a new type of phytoplankton bloom in the Western Baltic. Marine Biology 103: 373 - 379.
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Jochem, F. (1989) Distribution and importance of autotrophic ultraplankton in a boreal inshore area (Kiel Bight, Western Baltic). Marine Ecology Progress Series 53: 153 - 168.
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Jochem, F. & J. Goebel (1988) Die "Killeralge" Chrysochromulina polylepis. [The "killer alga" Chrysochromulina polylepis]. Mikrokosmos 77: 289 - 292.

Jochem, F. (1988) On the distribution and importance of picocyanobacteria in a boreal inshore area (Kiel Bight, Western Baltic). Journal of Plankton Research 10: 1009 - 1026.
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Jochem, F. (1987) Untersuchungen zur Temperatursensibilität bei Kleinkrebsen. [Studies on the temperature sensitivity of small crustaceans]. Mikrokosmos 76: 347 - 350.

Jochem, F. (1987) Zur Verbreitung und Bedeutung des autotrophen Ultraplanktons in der Kieler Bucht. [On the distribution and importance of autotrophic ultraplankton in Kiel Bight]. Diploma thesis Kiel University. 127 pp.

Jochem, F. (1986) Vegetalisierungsexperimente am Seeigelkeim. [Vegetalization experiments in the sea urchin embryo]. Mikrokosmos 75: 368 - 374.

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Jochem, F. (1982) Der Generationswechsel der Farne. [The generation cycle of ferns]. Mikroskosmos 71: 49 - 53.

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