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FIU Teaching Materials

FIU Marine Biology

This page links to lecture notes and lab manuals used for teaching at Florida International University between 2001 and 2007. I have left these materials accessible, as colleagues from many countries have informed me that they use these notes for their college-grade teaching.

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Imerge into the microscopic life of water:
Read the fairytale "The Drop of Water"
by Hans-Christian Andersen

also in German, with links to microscopy interest clubs and other microscopy resources.

Lecture Notes

Marine Biology and Oceanography
«Marine Biology and Oceanography» introduces majors in Biology and Marine Biology to the principles of the biology of organisms in the marine environment with special emphasis on the zonation of marine live, on regional, vertical and temporal scales, as adaptation to the physical and chemical environment in the oceans.

Phycology - The Biology of Algae
«Phycology» introduces majors in Biology and Marine Biology to the biology, reproduction, diversity and ecology of marine and freshwater algae.

Oceanography at Sea
«Oceanography at Sea» was a combined lecture and lab course intended to introduce majors of Marine Biology to the specificities of working at sea. This course entailed participation in a 8 days research cruise on the Florida Institute of Oceanography's research vessel Suncoaster. Students experienced first hand how it is to live and work on a research vessel. They experienced working on an ever moving platform, scheduling sampling around the clock and working in shifts, living in confined spaces with limited privacy.

General Biology II
«General Biology II» provides a comprehensive overview of the diversity of life on Earth, from bacteria and viruses to mammals and higher plants, the dynamics of biodiversity and evolution and their shaping factors, the interaction of living organisms with their environment (ecology of species, populations, and communities), and the structure and biology of plant and animal phyla.

Undergraduate Summer Studies
For the summer 2005, selected undergraduate majors in Biology and Marine Biology worked on summer projects in my Marine Microbial Ecology Lab to gain hands-on experience in research.

Lab Manuals

Self-written lab manuals are provided in PDF format and are free for individual or educational use.

Marine Biology & Oceanography Labs

Phycology Lab Manual
The lab manual comprises the following activities:

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