Dr. Frank Jochem, MBA

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Research Affiliations

FIU Marine Biology
FIU Marine Biology Program: 2001 - 2009

Logo UT   Logo UTMSI
UT Marine Science Institute: 1999 - 2000

Stanford Univ., Hopkins Marine Station: 1996

Logo Bigelow
Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences: 1993

Geomar IfM
Institut for Marine Science at Kiel University (now Geomar Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research): 1985 - 1997

Research Projects

Flow Cytometry in Marine Science
Brief overview of my use of flow cytometry in phytoplankton ecology and ecophysiology, instrumentation, and flow cytometry applications aboard ship.

DNA Cell Cycle Analysis in Marine Phytoplankton
Background information and application of flow cytometry to assess the cell cycle and cell division in marine phytoplankton.

Cytometric Quantification of Algal Nitrate Reductase
Report on first flow cytometric relative quantification of the enzyme nitrate reductase in the marine, bloom-forming diatom Skeletonema costatum in dependence of nutrient regime and bloom initiation (Download of PDF reprint).

Phytoplankton Ecophysiology
Dark survival of phytoplankton; novel growth form of marine silicoflagellate caused by changes in watershed eutrophication.

Microbial Ecology in the Gulf of Mexico
Microbial growth and grazing rates, bacterioplankton abundance and high/low DNA bacteria types, microbial nitrogen cycling, Mississippi River plume effects on Louisiana shelf ecology.

Review: Probing the Physiological State of Phytoplankton at the Single Cell Level
Review publication on the potentials of flow cytometry to unravel phytoplankton ecophysiology (Scientia Marina 64; 2000.).


Dr. Peter J. Lavrentyev
University of Akron

Microbial ecology; aquatic protist ecology, taxonomy, and biology.

Dr. Wayne S. Gardner
The University of Texas at Austin
Marine Science Institute

Nitrogen dynamics in aquatic ecosystems; nutrient-organism interaction.

Dr. Clayton J. Williams
Iowa State University, Limnology Lab
Human-land-water interactions, biogeochemistry, marine ecology.

Dr. James B. Cotner
University of Michigan
Freshwater microbial ecology and biogeochemistry, phosphorus cycles

Dr. Senjie Lin
University of Connecticut
Molecular ecology and functional genomics of phytoplankton, with emphasis on dinoflagellates.

Dr. John T. Lamkin
NOAA Southeast Fisheries Science Center
Bluefin tuna population dynamics, ichthyoplankton distribution.

Dr. Richard C. Zimmerman
Old Dominion University
Marine photosynthesis ecophysiology, carbon and nutrient dynamics, shallow water optics, modeling.

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